Heat Pipe based pyrolysis for waste to fuel in Brazil (HERU Commercial)

Disposal of solid waste and access to sustainable sources of energy are real issues in developed and developing countries. It takes energy to collect waste and most is sent to landfill, incurring costs, generating greenhouse gases (methane & carbon dioxide) and hazardous residues. This project proposes the development of a process and integrated system safely disposing of waste at commercial facilities and generating a solid clean fuel for heating & hot water or cooking.
Pyrolysis has been used for centuries to produce charcoal. Organic material is heated in the absence of oxygen, producing a combustible gas (syngas), oils and a solid carbon product (char). Current pyrolysis systems are inefficient as uniform temperatures in the pyrolysis chamber are difficult to achieve and heat is poorly extracted.
This project progresses the development of a novel, integrated heat pipe based pyrolysis unit to commercial scale, with compaction of the solid pyrolysis products into briquettes. The project will design, build and monitor complete prototypes in Brazilian supermarkets over 6 months, evaluating technical performance, commercial potential and impact on waste collection and supply of fuel.
Funding Info
Innovate UK – Newton Fund
2018 – 2020 | £339k